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Currently working on the second album coming out in 2023. Featuring grammy award winner Steve Dub (Chemical Brothers) and other artists like SENA (Ghana), Aluphobia, WaTa, Fanni Zahár. 


Instrumental sounds with tropical and not-so-tropical house, techno, nudisco, dance and R&B, disco and trance elements and modern soul-like vocals, giving  danceable melodies and catchy hooks a very individual and uncompromising sounding.

OIEE is the colorful electronical solo project of Bence Kocsis launched in 2019. He is active in the hungarian underground music scene both as a producer-songwriter, organizer, multimedia artist since 2007.  Founder of some other music projects like: WOPO WOPO, Saverne and Window.


OIEE’s debut album released on the 8th of May 2020. Urban Camouflage features international artists such as M3nsa (UK / GH) and Amaarae (US / GH). The album attempts to show how the organic is mixing the artificial, how the superficial monotony of everyday life can be blend together with instinctive, deeper energies.

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OIEE - Lighthouse (Official Video)
OIEE X WaTa - Momentary (Official Video)
OIEE Live @ Telep
OIEE - STAYS LIKE THIS | feat. FlorasFloras
OIEE - KAWHI (Official Video)
OIEE X M3NSA feat. AMAARAE - Still Dey Inside (Official Video)
OIEE X NEON - Drown (live at PONTOON)
OIEE - YLOW CRYSTALS | Woods Edition
OIEE X SOLÉRE - FEL (Official Video)
OIEE - YLOW CRYSTALS | City Edition (Official Video)
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